Monday, May 2, 2016

SUNY Canton Student Accused Of Stabbing Boyfriend In Backside | WWNY TV 7

   The chagrined guy who had his girlfriend poke his ass with a kitchen knife wanted to let bygones by bygones, but SUNY Canton wanted charges brought. Date violence they say. Counselors will be available.
    The assailant is a psyc major from NYC who in 2015 made the Dean's List.

SUNY Canton Student Accused Of Stabbing Boyfriend In Backside | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Hey Bud leave her she IS a Pain in the Ass😎

Anonymous said...

Good for SUNY Canton. After reading the story she deserves what she gets. A six inch cut is not a minor scrape. We are not on the same page on this. I know we all hate anything that has to do with education but they are spot on this time.

Anonymous said...

When Hilldabeast and Gillybrand find out theys a going outlaw knives now too, or introduce a law that you have to have your partner sign three levels of consent to carry and when a knife can be used when in a romantic relationship.

As for the guy, run as fast as you can before one day you know what will be cut off. Crazy feminist out there today, they actually hate and blame all men for their troubles and bad choices.

They want to nail you with child support for the next 25 years.

Anonymous said...

We are holding a candlelight vigil to support the men of domestic violence. Too often men are afraid to report their abusers because they think they love them or are afraid and have no one to turn to.

I smell a new six figure job at SUNY !

Anonymous said...

What was he doing with an 8 1/2" kitchen knife in his back pocket???

Anonymous said...

What is this world coming to??? A 24 year old college student???