Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Night

   Heard a rumor that a fisherman out of Henderson discovered by chance the drone from Fort Drum missing for some time in Lake Ontario. The angler snagged the aircraft in his lines and identified it on sonar before calling authorities.
    A massive 161 foot yacht was seen in the Thousand Islands this weekend. No word on who was on board.
    After many years I have a new mail carrier. Rick Loonan has retired. This week a couple of new faces alternated. Both nice folks, but we prefer the blonde.
   Monday is Memorial Day and please take time to remember those who served and sacrificed. We will be open on Pearl Street. I work the day shift and Chrissy words the evening.


Anonymous said...

If I were on that yacht there would be one less drone around.

Rick was the best mail carrier I ever had. One of the "old guard" who took care of the people on his route, troubleshooting problems. Hope he has a pleasant retirement, and he will be missed.

Anonymous said...

It was Paul Anka and guests ..

Anonymous said...

Paul Anka? Is he still with us?