Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sunday Morning Hooch a Little Closer

   Governor Cuomo's overhaul of the state liquor laws is generally welcome and it includes Sunday morning hours, although regrettably it will be handled through a separate permit process and not just making Sunday like the other six days.
    It likely has to be structured that way to give lawmakers cover with the church and prohibitionists. Now they can say there's a way to stop Sunday morning drinking selectively.


Anonymous said...

Haha...the church has no say in anything political in our country, much less in the very blue state of new york. The only point of the permits is to keep people employeed in government and make certain that you have to grease the wheels to make them turn.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE there will be permits! For a slight nominal fee, of course. Didn't think the Pipple's Republik of NY was gonna pass up on that opportunity, did you?

Anonymous said...

The Nazis and the Fascists won WWII, at least here in Benito's state.