Saturday, May 7, 2016

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      According to our trade association (lobbyist if you will), the Brunch Bill is gaining steam. That would allow the sale of the Devil's Brew on Sunday mornings just like the other six days of the week.
      You can send an email to
 your legislator.

        There's a couple proposals. One is for some additional permit and the other just sets Sunday hours the same as other days, but I suspect the permit has traction because lawmakers like to be able to tell the blue law folks they included methodology for denial and public comment.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt either of them have traction. No one in Albany or govenrment ever has to work nights or Saturdays/Sundays. So they don't see the need to have drinks available Sunday mornings, because they never came off a shift that ended on Sunday morning. Plus wherever they go, the drinks flow whenever they want them, regardless of laws.
Why not turn it over the counties like the closing times?

In the end, unless changing the law will increase the number of government jobs or increase the number of "favors" your electeds can dole out, this movement will not go anywhere.