Monday, May 2, 2016

River District Gossip

   Speaking of Assembly races, over here in the 116th, we should get a firm measure of who wants to run against Assemblywoman Addie Russell this weekend when Conservatives meet up north for dog and pony interviews for the Wilson Pakula.
    Republicans Russ Finley and John Byrne are expected. Byrne was the candidate two years ago who almost unseated Ms. Russell, but in this Presidential year the incumbent's prospects are improving.
     A staff shake up and the hiring of former Times employee Ryne Martin has turned media coverage sharply in her favor. In the last cycle there was such print antipathy to Ms. Russell they endorsed her opponent without any vetting.
      The Conservative meeting is only advisory, as the state chair issues the W/P, ensuring access to the line unless an in party member circulates, thus forcing a primary. If both Finley and Byrne run, there would be a GOP primary and the Indy line will go to Byrne if he wants it.
       Petitions are circulated starting in early June.
       In increasingly purple NNY, I suspect Ms. Russell is fairly safe as long as she refrains from asserting in public that the prosecution of the former Speaker was a political witch hunt.


Anonymous said...

Russell's a shoe-in........An assemblyperson that's a Republican doesn''t make any sense......Whats BB do.?

Anonymous said...

The river district should take a hard look at itself and ask--is John Byrne or Russ Finley seriously the best candidate we can put forth. Good grief!! What a sad state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

Byrne clearly isn't the guy. If he couldn't beat Addie last time, how is he going to beat her in the upcoming election?

Maybe former Ogdensburg mayor Bill Nelson or current legislator Joe Lightfoot will consider bringing their expertise or former county legislator Bill Sheridan in Hammond. Anyone but Finley and Byrne.

The St. Lawrence County GOP really needs to get their act together up north. Of course, when you have someone like Tom Jennison chairing the party and cheering on the likes of Mary Rain, it may prove impossible.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not with who the Republicans put up. The problem is the voters want a democrat. The district was gerry mandered to include enough of the liberals in the college towns and union towns to insure a victory.

Their policies only exacerbate the problems they try to fix with the government meddling.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start up a maid service here in Watertown. I want Adelaide reelected, as we need the expertise.