Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism - The New York Times

    The New York Times is going all out to frighten voters away from Donald Trump and towards their candidate, Hillary Clinton...A couple weeks back, an enormous and largely debunked story on women and Trump and now dredging up comparisons to Fascism, and the Nazi era.
      Going to be a brutal and nasty fight ahead an frankly Mr. Trump has been pointed on some issues too like Vince Foster and Bill Clinton's assault on women.
      So, all's fair, and the Times will be a house organ for a left increasingly frantic over their prospects.
Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism - The New York Times


Anonymous said...

The media bias against trump has been going on for a long time. The Donald has duh Dannies very afraid. This will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be afraid of donald? He's Yet another 'any port in the storm', waffling, party hopper after all.
He reminds me of Reagan.
A former dem, ardent FDR/New Deal supporter, turned republican.

What is it that YOU are afraid of?

Do you fear that maybe trump really likes vaginas and switches back to Democrat when it suits him? :D

Anonymous said...

America's best days are over with either Small Hands or Billary.
Our major political parties and their owners have finally screwed the pooch to the max by allowing these two to become standard bearers.
Neither one will lead a resurgance to the top but only accellerate the decline . The do nothing congress further adds to the decline .

God help the USA . We Need a UNITER not a DIVIDER as president , a personof values , honesty ,SERVICE with a specificmeasureable vision and strategy.

Anonymous said...

If Trump were a Fascist these violent C0mmunist rioters would not be treated so gently.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I am not afraid of Trump the individual but very worried about his professed policies and insulting statements if he were to be in the Oval Office... that must not happen.

Here is a very good summary of him ... like it or not; like him not, it's pretty good analysis from 5 experts on such matters:

"Whatever can be said about Donald Trump, he is fiercely individualistic. A major part of his appeal comes from the fact that he's untethered to any movement or party or even financial interests besides himself. The Republican establishment hates him. He has no affiliated politicians at other levels of government. He runs no party organization or really any political organization with any goal other than promoting himself, personally. His arguments about how to make America great generally rely on his own skills — his prowess at making deals, his personal strength, etc."

That extract [click here] Asks the question: Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

The article is pretty good. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Danny, protecting our country by not letting evil people walk across our borders is really scary. Or making countries play fair with our trade deals, that keeps me up at night...

Middle-Class Mike said...

"The Hypocrisy of the New York Times"

It's widely understood that this Presidential Primary campaign the NYT's went into the tank for Hillary Clinton from the 1st day of the campaign.

What's also equally as troubling, is they never raised a murmur, when the DNC, put the fix in for Hillary Clinton with close to 500 hundred, 'Super-delegates' being dedicated to her, at the start of the Democrat Presidential Primary.

A Primary that makes it almost impossible to make up ground, in either Caucus or Open Voting States across America. No the Times wasn't worried about the Democrat version of Fascism, which amounted to, "Its Hillary Clinton period!" and voters had to like it or lump it.

Yes, Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent, Vermont) running close was a big surprise, but Hillary Clinton along with the NYT and Network News organizations never failed to drive home this fact --Hillary isn't losing in the delegate count and Bernie can't catch her period. Of course the Super-delegate give away, made the argument persuasive, and severely hurt Bernie's chances to win the nomination.

Now the NYT's decides to preach about the dangers of Fascism, coming to America, in the form of Donald J. Trump!

The NYT's should go straight to hell, and the rest of us should encourage the heat to be turned up!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'


Anonymous said...

11:54! Trump is a neo fascist , HE is not in power therefore has no say in sanctions,and those protestors are no different than the thugs in Trumps crowd . So the point remains he is unfit for. The presidency as is Billary .

The US is doomed with either of these failed candidates .. So you want a psychotic narcissist with no conscience or do you want another proven liar ?? Either one will accellerate the decline of this once great nation .

Anonymous said...

Libtards don't understand what fascism is. On the contrary it is the liar in chief, his pants suited liar, and the commie professor, who are the true fascists. Trump has again and again pointed to State's rights. It is only the three aforementioned who want the centralized government to have all power by executive order and agency directive. It is only those three who want confiscatory tax rates and confiscatory punishments for daring to disobey their fascist laws. Not since FDR rounded up Japanese to put them in interment camps and confiscated every last gold coin from the American public, has any president come as close to being fascists as these three.

The Road to Serfdom is paved with socialism because it requires the government be vested with too much power by its very nature.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is not a fascist or neo fascist. The establishment politicians who have put the needs of big donors ahead of the needs of their constituents are the ones responsible for Trump being the GOP standard bearer. If Trump keeps his promises, he will save our nation.

Anonymous said...

Omg if lmao that is the best comedy line this week!!
Trump is a pathological liar without conscience.That SOB is incapable of recognizing truth, target in his.warped sense.of reality .The man is.a.sociopathic narcissist.~

Anonymous said...

The same golfers who are concerned about offensive statements labels all Republicans racists. Funny guy, as it were.

Anonymous said...

No not ALL Republicans , most are very good people who love their country but are concerned deeply about the sociopathic narcissist that is the presumed nominee. The REAL problem is the mindless zealots like 8:45 who care not for anyone , or anything other than raising their sick and twisted agenda AS IT WERE 🙀

Anonymous said...


Your statement would be more accurate if you deleted Trump's name and inserted Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 12:45 the staement as written is true , and it is also true for Billary . Both candidates are compulsive liars . NEither is fit to lead anything . OUr country will only decline under either of these creeps

Anonymous said...

Golf, golf, golf...everyone who is a liberal is a golfer, wait...isn't that backwards. Golf, golf, golf.

Anonymous said...


Our country has been in continuous decline since Ronald Reagan left office. The Clintons, Bushs and Obama have all lied to us. If Trump is lying our country will still be better off than with another Clinton Whitehouse. If Trump is telling the truth, than the damage of the Clinton, Bush and Obama years will be reversed. Right now he is our only hope and I will be voting for him.