Friday, May 13, 2016


      OK....The umpteen school districts in NNY all got letters from DC ordering accommodations for transgender bathrooms.  What are they going to do ?
      How about a five part series ? It's sweeps month....
      Will a boy be able to declare his identity with girls today and shower with them at Watertown High ?
       What's the trickle down for business ?  How about the Arena ?
        Q&A: What does the Department of Education say about transgender bathrooms?


Anonymous said...

Oh...they weren't ordered to give them accommodations, they were ordered NOT TO. They were ordered to let any student use any restroom they wished to use, based on the gender they associated with at that given instant.

This is what I said would happen next after gay marriage. I specifically asked why we segregate bathrooms and what the dumb ass judges would decide to do about it. Here we are.

I cannot imagine the aggravation it is to be a person in the intersex category, and I wish no one any ill will. However, I believe private single use restrooms is the answer to accommodating these individuals. Not forcing them into one of the two main restrooms.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I want to know is where Kelflit will go. NY21 and duh dan, I'm pretty sure of.

Max Volume said...

After hearing Shania's song "Man, I feel like a woman" I had the sudden urge to use the Ladies room at Target, which evidently is now OK.

This 'freak-show' will continue until everything else is considered normal; be it incest, bestiality, necrophilia or whatever.

40 years of Liberal teaching, folks!

Anonymous said...

How many of our citizens need this invasive bathroom crap (no joking)? Maybe they need to just hold it in. My granddaughter said she will never use the 'johns' if there are johns in there. So a nice, normal female goes in the lavatory and all the stalls have male persons who just got back from a spicy barbecue party. The noises and smells will drive her to leave quickly.

Anonymous said...

And then convert them to affordable housing units!!!!