Sunday, May 22, 2016

Progress is Expensive and Inconvenient

    As Charter takes over  at Time Warner and the commercials tout their on time installers and repairmen, those businesses with many televisions are finding it will be expensive and cumbersome to convert to the digital adapters which are free in the first year but not after that.
    Fitness clubs with many TVs for customer convenience have found this all difficult forcing a reduction in channels and technical challenges.
     With channel scarcity coming, managers of such businesses are pestered by customers wanting Yankee baseball, the Food Network, or FOX News.


Anonymous said...

And yet our guberment just rubber stamps another merger. And ties some stupid regulation to it instead of breaking up these companies and allowing competition to regulate it.
So sick of these idiot politicians trying to legislate a Utopian society which is impossible. It only ends up increasing entry barriers and hurting consumers.

Anonymous said...

Time to switch to Dish or Direct TV

Anonymous said...

You go to a gym to EXERCISE, not channel-surf. If less TV channels at the gym bothers you, stay home.