Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Poll: Trump narrows Clinton's lead nationally to 3 points - POLITICO

   The race is settling in and the inevitability of a Clinton win over Trump is fading.  Once the primaries end , there will be the Veep choices and the conventions which will firm up and frame the races for the fall.  Then it's the debates and any gaffes that will be the only variables.

    Todays NBC polling shows Mr. Trump firming up GOP support and doing at least as well as Romney with so called minorities.  Black vote could be key if turnout wanes without Obama on the ballot and Trump gets at least over 10% that would hurt the Democratic coalition.

     Win the Romney states and come up with 64 more Electoral votes. Florida and Ohio the easiest way to get close, but after that it gets tougher. In a close race, the way the states line up the path for Trump is narrower but doable. A two point popular vote win should flip it.

Poll: Trump narrows Clinton's lead nationally to 3 points - POLITICO


Middle-Class Mike said...

Mr. Trump appeals to working class voters! A belief is settling in that the most important voting block this Presidential race will be the working class voters of every party.

When you vote for Mr. Trump, you know his positions on trade and the economy are designed to get you back to work. Job creation is a top priority for Mr. Trump, the kind of jobs that can support your family and educate your kids beyond a High school education.

If someone votes for Hillary Clinton from the working class, they better be prepared to hear something like, "I'll check with President Clinton on that, because he's responsible for economic policy?

Hillary won't get it done for America, and Working Class voters know it!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are so frigging boring. Nobody cares what you think. Trump has been a RINO, his kids are Dems. and the fam has only donated to Dems. especially NYC corrupt Dems. Get off you horse, quit playing your charades and go volunteer for the next Democrat that is running.

For the last 8-10 years you have only supported and volunteered for Dems. and their progressive causes. Don't stop now.

Anonymous said...

Mike is a PRO (Primary Republican Only)
His usual support goes to the GOP primary candidate that he feels the Dem candidate can beat in the general.
This cycle had no real viable GOP hopefuls other than Trump.

Anonymous said...

2:00pm, Mike has never been a conservative. In the past, he was one of those progressives. You know, Dannie types. But lately something has come over him. And it ain't a bad thing. The man appears to have an open mind and has reevaluated the destruction of the nation. He's a patriot. You won't find that at the golf course, per se.