Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Poll Has Trump Up by Two

     There's a long way to November and many polls, but the Clinton-Trump race has produced a poll with The Donald ahead and the RCP average of polls has the former Secretary of State up by seven.
      This will be a contested race and looking the at 2008 and 2012 results shows the baseline line up of red and blue states.  It would indicate a Clinton win, but given the public mood, change may indeed be in the air.


Anonymous said...

wow. A republican leaning polling group's numbers say donald is going to win. In other news, a HuffPo poll claims Hillary is will win. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Polls can be skewed and biased by any number of independent or dependent variables (liars and figures , design flaws , inadequete sampling or size of the "n" , too wide a confidence band , you name it ) i put little faith in any poll OTHER than election day . A pollster can design aol to come out ANY wat they damn well please .

Use your heads people , IGNORE POLLS ! TALKING HEADS and other speculators , none of them KNOW anything with certainty other than it is OPINION not necessarily accurate opinion as those being polled are also subject to question as to true intent .

Use your own intelligence, IF you still have any .

Anonymous said...

Is there a such thing as a real, accurate poll? What a waste of time and money.