Sunday, May 8, 2016

WaPo: Once in a While the Truth is Bared

     Sometimes the truth leaks out. This week a key national security message maker in the Obama White House  talked about how he crafted a narrative and an echo chamber among ill informed media to drum up support for the Iranian nuclear deal.
    Ben Rhodes was candid when he said the White House mostly talks to 27 year old reporters who know little of what they are covering and have spent their careers hanging around campaigns and nothing more.
     From nuclear deals to local budgets the news flows through people with little understanding of what they are writing about.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, the WDT, as much as it breaks my heart, is becoming worthless.

Six (6) people die in a fire an hour down I-81, and I read nothing. What's more, the mother of two (2) of the children killed lives in Watertown with a daughter - sister to the deceased. So, there's your "local" connection. Maybe the WDT chose not to cover it out of a sense of decency. But, I doubt it.

And, arguably the largest wildfire in Canadian history (the largest for sure in terms of dollars lost) and I thought I'd read something in Section A today. Nothing.

Sad state of affairs.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

One side "pushes" a narrative they want for an issue - woe is me ... damn, and only the DEMS do that, right.

Um .. so there was no pushing WMD as a narrative) to invade Iraq, right... okee dokee.

Stopping nukes is good narrative to push - anyway possible.

... lies about WMD in Iraq and all that just to justify invading them and staying bogged down there for over a dozen years - NOT SO HOT.

Stick the facts - can't go wrong.

Anonymous said...

11:42, what do you expect? The main purpose of the rag, is to attack republicans. Hence the two lead stories being anti-Trump stories and a pro-Hillary story for good measure.

ray lear said...

Many said the deal with Iran was junk. But if you think about it, the minute anyone questioned it Syra came. Some and mirrors for all.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, stop with the spin efforts. You owner lied, again, still, to get the Iranian nuke deal pushed through. You were for it, from the beginning, because that's what you were told to do. Your ilk just helped pass along the lie. Be proud.

Anonymous said...

7:22 Dannie has been had by a failed 37 year old short story writer.

He created the 'echo chamber' for those gullible 27 year old reporters they would feed their empty skulls each and every day with fabricated talking points. Dannie are you not embarrassed yet, they were playing you for longer than 7:22 thinks, Haha Haha!