Thursday, May 12, 2016

Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall

    All eyes are on a couple of square blocks of DC as Donald Trump meets Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment. With polls tightening and the Democratic race droning on, it's clear this election is  up for grabs,  contrary to just a few weeks ago when the media and the elites concluded it was a blow out for Hillary Clinton.
    We will see what happens, and whether Republicans in office will join primaty voters in supporting the most unusual major party nominee anyone can remember.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone told us that Hillary would be our next president, louder or more often, than you and Glenn. I have always maintained that these elections are completely unpredictable and turn on a dime more often than not.

Obama is by far the most unusual major party nominee the country has ever seen. His excuse might cut it with you and Duff types, who voted for him, but normal thinking people did not excuse him for his associations with radicals.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Glenn, 6:54 is right. You and the Duff don't really believe. But he's a businessman and so are you in many ways. You can't really be seen as standing up to straight.