Friday, May 6, 2016

NYT: Media Introspection Begins

    It's "Dewey Beats Truman" everyday as the media gets it wrong time and time again in 2016.


Anonymous said...

"Defeats" not "beats"

Ray said...

Now it's time for Donald Trump to laugh it up. I wouldn't run one ad with the press that tried to eat him up!

Anonymous said...

What are all the conservative anti establishment Trumpists going to do if Trumpy chooses a Democrat?

Anything is possible. Then again we are already seeing the wh### of the GOP lining themselves up to be a possible VP nominee.

Good Grief, Perry, Carson, Christie, Session, Woyman MOC Blackburn, dust off the moth balls Gingrich, 'little Marco' and of course Kasich,

Please people, add to the list sleezes groveling to the likes of Trump.
Just like the Apprentice Reality Show. Trump is so sick he will enjoy having them all interview to him before he starts another reality show with the filmed interviews and then says nope, see how important I am.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see journalist Smith's willingness to print bs pushed by USA Today. The story about Joe Paterno, complete garbage, was picked up by our local junk news. Paterno DID suspect issues with Sandusky. That is why he reported same to his superiors. When there investigation failed to turn up anything, Paterno interpreted that as a benign situation. So, USAT and mr smith, Paterno did suspect, but he reported this to his bosses. To continue to attempt to put this on Paterno is just another example of rewriting fact. Well done, caboose smith.