Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NPR: Addie Betrayed and So Over Men Like Shelly

     No more standing by her man for Assemblywoman Addie Russell, who as part of her rehabilitation for 2016 tells NPR she now feels betrayed by Speaker Sheldon Silver, whom she defended when charged with corruption.
     That episode is a loose end hanging out there. A loop needing closure as Ms. Russell actually went beyond a presumption of innocence and charged the Speaker's prosecution was political.
      New staff, a kumbaya aura with her antagonists at 260 and Presidential turnout models for 2016 have most insiders feeling her 92 vote scrape with defeat last time won't happen again.
      Meanwhile on the GOP side the former bobsledder and former bar owner are toiling in arenas the media doesn't cover, with the establishment choice apparently anti Trump and the pro Trump candidate hated by party leaders and the press.
       Hammering the incumbent on her slobbering defense of a clearly tainted Speaker was about the only issue she was highly vulnerable on this year. That dealt with, Ms. Russell seems poised for another term.
       And she supports revision of SLA law and we like that.
North Country Assemblywoman says she feels ‘betrayed’ after her defense of Speaker Silver when he was arrested | NorthCountryNow


Middle-Class Mike said...

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell finally apologizes for having supported the former Speaker Sheldon Silver's Pig-sty, in Albany, NY, and all is forgotten here. Well, I don't think that plays with the voters of District 116 this election. Mike Flynn 'Middle class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Adelaid may very well be over her Sheldon. But the same kind of person who will sell out her own people to wait tables at the boys clubs of NYC is still with us. She sure does know how to pander here at home, and become a dependable part of the sludge in Albany. Neat lady.

Anonymous said...

Classless, people see right though her. Poor poor Addie, she was taken by the men of her party and was never part of the corrupt culture of Albany.

What a disgrace, we need to rid ourselves of her and her party influence.

Anonymous said...

Addie and her ilk are the problem in Albany. Have we reached a new low where we continue to send her to represent us.

Friends like Addie have keen animal survival instincts. She will do anything to save her own behind and has already proven that by pledging her new loyalty to the new speaker Little Carl.

Why has Addie been so silent on what everyone knew to be Shelly's two mistresses. The most highly paid lobbyist in NYS everyone had to suck up to Patricia Lynch and the second that was put in a office with close proximity to corrupt Shelly.

Addie, we are waiting.

Anonymous said...

And as usual MCM couldn't be further from the truth as AJR will romp to an easy with this time around. I am not saying that I am voting for her but there is no one running who is capable of winning.

Anonymous said...

Mike Flynn.. I agree with your thought but it seems your again giving your Senator Ritchie a pass on the same complaint you have..
Ritchies only comment to date is that is unfortunate.
And Your right that wont work this election. If Byrnes is the GOP candidate it will be a landslide for Addie.

Anonymous said...

Of course Ms. Russell will try to distance herself from her support of Silver ... it's an election year.

She is trying to save face by showing up at various events and promising grants to various groups that she ignored them when asked before.

She supports her "friends" and turns a blind side to most of her district's needs.

Anonymous said...

5:43, she sure did "romp" last time around. I think the only romping she does is on command by Benito and the boyz.

Anonymous said...

How much are romps going for these days?