Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No Plan for Fountain Yet

      The stricken fountain at Lachenauer Plaza will not be returning soon, if at all. With insurance money in hand, Council will meet sometime this summer to devise a course of action and that may include no more fountain.
       A motorist knocked it from its moorings last winter.
       The fountain is currently lying on its side in a city lot on Marble Street.


Anonymous said...

On second thought, in this day and age when you can't get anything done in government without paying the union thugs, the engineering thugs, the contractor thugs and the attorney thugs, maybe a fountain is just the kind of thing the city DOESN'T need, so they don't have to maintain it and pay to run it.

Anonymous said...

It was always a bad place for a distraction to motorists. The painted version was awful as the cascading water was the main design feature.