Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Network Aghast at Pocahontas Reference -

     In watching CNN while at the gym today, I could see they were very upset Donald Trump had called Senator Elizabeth Warren a horrible pejorative.
     He called her "Pocahontas" a reference to Senator Warren's widely laughed at assertion in her Harvard employment app that she is of Native American descent.
      The CNN anchor was in a tizzy as if this is hate speech and not a humorous jab.
       Pocahontas is a Disney movie and a line of food products. There is no negative connotation nor is the historical reference to an Indian woman in Virginia at all negative.
      As I watched I realized again not only how ill informed news people are but how totally dishonest.
Elizabeth Warren blasts Trump; he calls her 'Pocahontas' -


dajeep said...

I'm aghast also, appalled even, at these so-called "journalists" that read and try to report the news today.

Anonymous said...

And it was just in the news this week that 9/10 of the natives don't care and are not offended by the Redskins name. This is why Trump is a thing. Of course, to a liberal, it wouldn't matter if only 1 in 10,000 was offended, they would still throw tradition out the window to save the hurt feelings of that one "victim".

Anonymous said...

Calling her Pocahontas, or faux Injun, is the nicest thing you can say about the hypocritical itch. Like Hillary, she's an expert at sucking from the system all while criticizing it. Let's elect her. Maybe we can get Indian bathrooms to go along with the transgender latrines.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's what the Donald was referring too, a food line and Disney movie. I can't stand Warren, but, we are missing the grand point here. The Donald can't keep his fat mouth shut. Hillary is on the ropes big time and he can't help himself by alienating voters. He needs advice, big time. His appeal to the hateful side of voters has reached an apex, time to attack Hillary and her policies, be above someone like Warren and then I really think he would have a shot. He is running against an honest to goodness criminal, but will that be enough. Time to name Mark Cuban.

Anonymous said...

9:20 Mark Cuban!! are you kidding?? the vice president choice is usually someone who could provide some balance and sense of confidence in voters eyes mostly to help attract voters on the fence. Cuban is just one more super-ego self indulgent millionaire who can buy his way onto to television or other venues that put him in the public view. Good god, what a horrible fate-de-possible--- Trump/Cuban as leaders of the most powerful nation on earth!1 Egads!! history will mock us for even entertaining the thought, much less seeing it come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

That seemed to match with Hillarys off the reservation remark.. Of course thats not gained any traction..

Anonymous said...

It actually isn't worth arguing about who will be president and why. It's simple math: How many people are on the nipple, vs how many believe in the American Dream.

The left would have people believe these are the same thing, or at the very least they can peacefully coexist. They are not, and they can not. They can for a period of time, but that time is almost about up.

Real Americas will not allow our country to turn into western Europe, where over 50% of their multi-generational families want to flee the carnage left wing politics has wrought upon them.