Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Most House GOP Women In Tough Races Biding Time On Trump

      With a clinch expected in two weeks, Republicans in Congress, especially women in competitive races are cautious about embracing Donald Trump beyond bland statements about having agreed to support the "party nominee".
        While Mr. Trump is competitive in polls nowadays, his statements genuinely trouble some and others are just worried as their brand of conventional politics doesn't include Muslim bans or women as bimbos.
        Formal endorsements may not mean a lot but challengers will seek to make this careful dance an issue.   I'd continue to demure as there is reason to insist Mr. Trump flush out his positions. Seeing how he performs in Cleveland is a good line of demarcation. After that it is time to fish or cut bait.
Most House GOP Women In Tough Races Biding Time On Trump


Anonymous said...

Stefanik is not in a tough race and she is taking her time naming him by name.

Anonymous said...

Our very own Elise Stefanik has balked at endorsing anyone but she put out a poll asking us who we were voting for...
She can only ride the fence so far then its going to hurt..
More and more people daily agree if she cant support the canidate we in 21 wanted then we wont support her. Obviously she is much more interested in voting for Hillary Clinton and her woman thing instead of who can better fix this country.. Like I said she should proceed cautiously

Anonymous said...

But what is a real woman to do? On the one side she has the lying, bribe taking pants suit who has ignored Americans pleas for help. They are dead, and the wide body asks us "what difference can it possibly make?" On the other hand, the vaginally motivated have Burnie, a fruitcake who has never been a serious candidate for anything. He stands for taking everything there is from people who work and giving it to people who don't. How cool is that? No wonder your misguided friend from California is feeling a tingle down her leg. If you are are the product of our third rate educational system, funded at first rate levels, and worship your cell phone, you are a prime candidate for such genitalia voting. Per se of course. The problem in this country is not the candidates, it is the stupid citizens who are not bright enough to think on their own. Only a fool, a crackpot, or a party liner like the faux American golfer would believe our present course is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Elise has already lost five votes in my household. Her toeing of the line just got old. What happened to fighting for your constituents congresswoman?!?!

Anonymous said...

11:32 What a moron you are. Have you been paying any attention, she is pretty much staying out of the Presidential race and for once we have real representation for this district.

Five plus years and we had Owens hiding under Pelosi's desk and didn't do a da## thing down there other than being famous for his vote for the most destructive economic policy enacted failure of social engineering that has ever occurred in America,being OBAMA CARE. My rates are going up 17% next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get off your 'like I said she should proceed cautiously', she already told the press that she would never vote nor support Hildabeast, anyone but the Beast.

You sound like a plant and are most likely one. To bad, move along and live with your parents until you are 34 years old. Look what your party has done for your future, dismal with no bright prospects on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

11:32 I myself am having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that a lifelong Dem. like Donald Trump lately being viewed as RINO accept him as the leader of the Republican Party.

Look around man, he has donated generously to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, here in NY Chuck Schummer, the Clintons, Andrew Cuomo, Scneidernman, Rangle, and small time corrupt NYC pols around NYC. There are over 500 documents of correspondence between Donald Trump and the Clintson when he was considering running for the Presidency as a Dem. way back when.

Can you please name just one NYS Congressman he has donated to. We now have our very own Elise Stefanik, where the hell was Trump when she ran when others from the establishment never lifted a hand. Cricekts.

You had better fill in the bubble for our very own, in fact it was Stefanik that started to rebuild what we now have today the most Congressional Rep. in NYS that we have seen in decades.

Get your facts straight Bub!

Oh and that little list he put forth of the Conservative names he would put forth for a Supreme nomination, well he now may or may not consider them. Maybe someone more liberal, but didn't he say he would make the military break the law if they did not follow his orders.

Now that is fence sitting that I'm proud Stefanik is doing.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Trump will carry the GOP banner - why is she reluctant to endorse? A bit odd ... unless she's hoping for a convention fight between T-rump and Cruz? Oops...

Either openly support and back your party nominee and potential president, or tell us why not and how you oppose him - not rocket science Ms. Stefanik... kinda common sense and if he wins he becomes the de facto GOP leader.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, maybe she's just undecided, or not sure how she should move on this. Unlike you, who would support anything that crawls as long as it's it is in your party. Some people think about it, as it were. I'm disappointed in your leadership abilities, but not at all surprised, per se.

Anonymous said...

I can't disagree with this Dan guy more. It's refreshing to see Stefanik take this tack. Blind loyalty to a particular party is why we are in the mess we are in. And, like the above commenter, my health care just shot through the roof. And I don't even use it! I would love to find a way to sue the State of NY and O'Bummer care for these lost premiums. The great health care savior is a scam and it's all coming out on us middle class Americans. That's OK to the exempt, i.e. presidents, senators, etc... what a shame and a scam.