Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mimosas for All

 On Thursday a Senate Committee on Investigations and Government Operations will consider the Mimosa Law, allowing serving of the Devil's Brew on Sunday morning.
   Lawmakers, many of whom drink quite a bit, will carefully consider the ying and yang of New Yorkers drinking in a restaurant or bar before noon on Sunday.
    Now they can drink on the golf course Sunday morning, but not the clubhouse. They can drink on their boat but not at the restaurant near the dock.
    Silly post Prohibition rules that lawmakers are afraid to discard. Afraid of what ?
     They might pass something but it will have lots of qualifiers like permits, and local review.
      So silly.  Grow up Albany.


Anonymous said...

They can't maintain control if you don't keep controls in place. Like those millions of under aged college student who will drink today...what would you have them do? Have them legalize college kids drinking??? [gasp]

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