Saturday, May 14, 2016

Metal Trade Brisk on Pearl Street

   Had a customer who just went to the new scrap metal place up the street owned by Ben Weitsman and Sons of Owego.  People were lined up there at 8 this morning and all day folks were turning in metal at prices well above the previous business.
Ad For Their Albany Store
    Sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood and the city.  They have announced plans to further improve the property and its definitely something we welcome here at the Pearl Street Pub.


Anonymous said...

Utica and Oswego is just where I would expect a scrap metal business to be headquartered. Maybe soon we will see "twice as tough scrap metal" show up from Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

well from what i saw he has racked and mowed the grass area that has not been mowed for years and i hear he is looking at planting some trees and shrubs around the place. We welcome anything that is a improvement from before he arrived here.