Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mercy Plans Finally Submitted

      The redevelopment of the Mercy site has taken a step forward as COR has submitted details for the site which is now cleared of the former hospital and several blighted homes
       Concern over the vibrancy of the housing market still exists but one hundred million dollars invested in our downtown is hard to overlook.


Anonymous said...

The place they built behind Target is terrible and so is this proposal. The original renderings looked like it offered a lot more commercial space and had much more architectural appeal, including red brick with a curve on the corner and curved windows, not just plastic round things over the windows. This looks like the projects in the ghettos that are being razed across our nation because they turn out to be haven for criminals.

The city needs to insist on something at least 50% commercial and something that is architecturally beautiful. And insist on a winter rendering instead of the July forth rendering. At least one from the 8 months of the year when there are no leaves on the trees.

Anonymous said...

The original snake oil they sold the city, looked very nice, and probably would have cost close to $60 million, as you can see in this old WDT article:

This new disgusting proposal would cost half as much and would leave 50 percent profit for the builder/developer to make on the construction before the ribbon cutting.

Is the new city council going to fall for this bait and switch? They probably don't have a choice as the shadow govenrment and DANK start the arm twisting.

Pay no attention to the investigation focusing on Cuomo inc and the developers that have been mentioned in the pay to play.

Anonymous said...

I have to say the buildings don't look all that great in the renderings. Very plain and boxy looking, and cheap to build most likely.

I've never been inside the apartments behind Target, but the building looks very "cheap" from the outside. At least it's fairly hidden away. Maybe it's a palace on the interior. Not the kind of place I would want to call home though.

Anonymous said...

Better check with the sacred firecows to see what the minimum staffing decree from the union will be increased to with this build.
The union is here for our protection and also to be certain that the firemen each have a nice piece of lakefront property.

Putting themselves in harms way every single day just to make sure we are given a proper fleecing.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! The city would be better off if the old Mercy was still standing there, rather than working with these guys to build a Maywood Terrace housing project there.

Samaritan should offer to buy it back from them and build some medical facilities there to bring the urban-sprawl-doctors back here from outer Washington Street. Either that or JCC should expand there. This housing is not needed and will further destroy the city.

The local decision makers already listened to DANC once, when they cried that PILOTS for housing had to be given, or else Drum would close up shop. In spite of many of us pleading with them not to do it. Will you make the same dumb mistake again?

Anonymous said...

Well there goes are Nice treed park and walking trail that should have been put in place on that site. Darn politicians never learn from mistakes from the past council members on urban renewal projects.

Anonymous said...

11:35 has a fantastic idea! It would be a nice place for a tree filled park with benches and picnic tables. Plenty of parking in the empty area on the south side of Stone st.