Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Looks Like Martinez Won't Be on the Short List...Or the Long List

      She dissed him by not appearing, and he followed suit by calling her a lousy Governor.
       New Mexico's Susana Martinez' is appearing less likely as a running mate as the head of the Republican Governors Association continue to not endorse the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.
        One could argue it was a pointless move by Mr. Trump as it gains nothing and hurts the goal of GOP unity. As for the "riots", it looked mostly like bored teens following the cameras in a one block area.
       Mr. Trump was on his plane to California be the time the street ruckus started. He is in the Golden State for a major fundraiser and a rally in Anaheim.

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Anonymous said...

trump really sucks at vetting his prospects. Doesn't he have anyone in his circle that can do a better job? Apparently not...