Friday, May 13, 2016

Kelsey Creek Contamination Will Be Cleaned Up | WWNY TV 7

     Another cleanup dating back to the city's industrial past as Kelsey Creek will get a $1.5M scrubbing. Concern over contaminants has prompted the latest effort after years of saying it's all fine. It's so hard to know with these cleanups as in some cases there is real danger but in other cases it's environmental excess. Hopefully this helps but for the people suffering from past sins , it's scant consolation.

Kelsey Creek Contamination Will Be Cleaned Up | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Ha! That's not enough money to clean up anything. In the world of DEC and prevailing rates coupled with environmental engineering cartels, It might get you 20 feet of creek bed cleaned up...if you're lucky.

ray lear said...

I have one question. Why are there a bunch of new black barrels setting up front by the fence. Are they bringing in new problems? It looks fishy.

Cindy Piper said...

I find it very laughable that "suddenly" your on the sufferer's? Jeff... you have had alot of time to speak up and stand on the side of right. I am not very sure that a 4 sentence paragraph is the only thing you owe the voters. You are at least partly culpable in NYAB getting away with these CRIMES for as long as they did. How were they ever allowed to dump on that land to begin with? Do they own that land? It seems like the City and County (and dare I say STATE!?) allowed quite a bit to go on (and probably still does.). As a Mayor ... your job is the people... Your voters... It's not big corporations... they may be able to cause some trouble your way (as I am sure your long long long time silence on this sad sorry issue has unfolded.) But you would have always had the voters.... and... your bars. My family has been one of the suffers. It effected my life in ways you don't and can't understand.(And I am QUITE sure... don't want to.) Where the HELL are the attorneys!? They should be lining up around the block to take the case... NYAB has time and again admitted dumping the chemicals... never denied it... I have large files of paperwork showing it... We shouldn't need a big name to come to town (crickets... Where is SHE now? Off solving other issues in other states.) As mayor you still have a WINDOW... an opportunity to take your dusty old balls out of your shorts... dust them off and use them correctly... Stand up for whats right for the town and the county. YOU make sure there is an attorney handling the case.... and doing it RIGHT. Shame on you. My mother was dead and buried when I was 4. I was put in a foster home and raised separate from my brothers...I have had 10 operations and 44 years of health issues due to the negligence of those who should have protected those who had no voice. And I have 2 sons who are autistic. (Now grown... but still living at home I am unsure what the future holds for them... and thus far it's been all up to us to figure out.). Now I have been told I probably most likely wouldn't be "considered" if a lawsuit actually DOES go through... Oh really? My mother getting eaten up by cancer and leaving me an orphan doesn't qualify me? The surgeries and biopsies don't qualify me? (No... Knock on wood... NONCANCEROUS!... YAY ME! But BOOOOOOO You needed to have a cancer diagnosis?! Not just painful cysts and tumors growing and draining your pocketbook with every surgery!?) and my sons... well... That would be "hard" to prove... REALLY? Because statistics show that AUTISM... twice... in each brother... rare... (Unless... there is an environmental source... I would dare say.) But I am one voice. One case. From ONE small town in upstate(flippin) New York. And ya know what? We never even had the Mayor on our side. (Sheesh... I need my own blog.). I guess I had a bit more to say about it then you did.