Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kasich drops out of presidential race - POLITICO

      He dropped out, but no endorsement....not even the perfunctory "I will support the nominee of my party."
      Governor John Kasich allowed NBC to change its designation for Donald Trump from "likely" nominee to "presumptive" nominee.
      Sixteen foes vanquished, and suddenly Donald Trump is top dog in the GOP, at least for this year
      Anyone who depends on the party for their livelihood or their legitimacy should publicly back Mr. Trump. He is going to need the efforts of many.
     The furor and fuss of the primary season will fade and Mr. Trump has time to get his negatives on a par with Secretary Clinton's. Then they can commence scorching the earth on a equal playing field.
      Dragging out the veep stakes should keep the media busy and the convention may provide the bounce to make Labor Day a tie....
       In the fall, the TV debates, while kinda phony and shallow, should provide record audiences. I've never seen so many average folks talking about this race, even though the professional pols are reluctant to wade in.
        One person not afraid to is Assembly hopeful Russ Finley who on the Live at Five show was all about Trump as he doesn't want to get on the wrong side of a movement.
Kasich drops out of presidential race - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

He won't even support conservative values, why we he support our candidate?

Anonymous said...

When the party made everyone sign the pack, no third party run, should have also had another statement included. I will support my party's nomination, no matter what.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

He was the only "adult" in the room.

Anonymous said...

Former Conservative, turned republican, Russell Finley, supports former Democrat, now republican don trump. Now that is rich!
Go home finley. We saw you screw the race last time. We don't need to see you do it again.