Sunday, May 29, 2016

Johnson-Weld Ticket the Most Formidable Third Party Bid Since Perot - POLITICO

     This is a significant development as both candidates are former GOP governors and as such credible.
Much has been said about third party bids this year but for the Bloombergs and other hopefuls the issue is always the very real challenge of ballot access nationwide. It's not easy, but the Libertarians have such status and across fifty states, the pair could draw a lot of votes.
     I think the presence of this ticket makes the Trump running mate choice more important and will provide a safe haven for some of the "never Trump" crowd.
Can Libertarian nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld siphon votes from Trump? - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

The effect on the election is yet to be known. But one thing is for sure, duh Dannies and the D><::s and the NY21underaDCdesk and limflit will all stick with their party. Dems are much more inflexible in this regard. The fact that they are faux Americans makes it easier for them. The leadership trained golfer is in no way a faux Democrat. Nope, he be the real thing. At a time when we think of our veterans, it is gratifying to know that some served their party, not their country. And the tradition continues. God Bless America, land of the $19trillion vote buying program. Land of lying, special deals for special people. Evidence destroying pants suits. A land where if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Just kidding. A land of acceptance of all things dishonest and criminal, as long as it the correct political party, per se. If this continues, and freestuff rules, we won't have to worry about many more Memorial Days. The land of what can you do for your country has changed. We are now the nation of what's in it for me, the other side lies too, and even though I can't find the Pacific Ocean on a globe (a round thing that has sea and land masses on it, for those who are graddiates of our school sytem)I know what party to vote for. And have you seen the latest kardassssian photo shoot? We no longer deserve the country we have.

Anonymous said...

Imagine, a career pretending to defend the Constitution but in reality only prepping for a life as a mouthpiece for your political party.

Anonymous said...

10:01 you are a sick and twisted troll . If you hate this place so damn much , LEAVE !!!

You have lost control . Please take your illness elsewhere .