Friday, May 13, 2016

HuffPo: Dems Can't Win With Clinton

    As you watch events in this "outsider" year from Trump to Sanders to the establishment squirming yesterday in DC to preserve their spot at the trough, you realize this race for President could well go to Mr. Trump and the inevitability of Hillary Clinton is not certain.
     Her message is a return to the 90s as she looks increasingly angry and shrill while on the stump while the oddest challenger Bernie Sanders continues to nip at her heels while her expected foe, JEB !,  has faded to a bitter bystander and footnote to 2016.


Ray said...

We didn't fall for the dog and pony show! Now all they will use is negative attacks. We all know how well that works. Mrs.H Clinton couldn't hide (IT) any more. It's over before the conventions. I'm good with it.😎

Anonymous said...

There is nothing odd about Sanders being her biggest threat. He is a lifetime socialist and we have several generations of naive adults who were raised and educated to believe in the virtues of socialism and big government and to be ignorant of the humungous and dangerous drawbacks to such a society. Indeed, they were raised in a way, that everything was given to them, from participation trophy to a separate meal of pizza bites or chicken nuggets prepared from them every night. They were taught that they couldn't walk anywhere and they had to have a cell phone...and deserved one.

And then when they turned 25, still living in mommy's basement, having no degree from the 12 credit hours of useless courses they took every other semester, which they never attended, even for the ones that were not online, they cannot help but cry, "WHERE IS MY FREESTUFF !!!" and vote for Bernie.

Anonymous said...

I will be happy when we see her in Orange is the New Black. Chare her with a number of crimes, Treason, Violating the Espionage Act with her Muslim BrotherHood Aide. While we are at it take down the Impeached Dirtball Husband and little Chelsea and charge her with RICO with the Clinton Global charitable Foundation.

Take Chelsea's husband while we are at it for defrauding 25 million in his HedgeFund he just closed. Imagine if any small municipalities used funds from their pensions and bought into this fraud scheme.

Anonymous said...

I have never see such a debacle in my life as this election process and the corruption and attempting to defeat one man, Donald Trump. Millions of millions of dollars spent. Lies and insinuations by the droves. Why??
Donald Trump gives a chance to change things for us to the better.. A chance we are will ing to take. The establishment has lied and done nothing for years except extort money (taxes) from us for years and get wealthy making deals for themselves. Hillary Clinton only can bring the same old government for the next four to eight years and that should be obvious.
Even if Trump changed his position on everything what will we have lost.. Nothing.
Its making us sick to see the puppet media attempt to undermine him. The rich elite Republicans do not support him and are spending millions to defeat him. Foreign leaders are being brought into our politics pretending to be concerned against Trump..
Boy will I be glad when this is over and he is elected.. I only fear the forces that run this country will attempt to stop him in other ways.

NY21inMD said...

This HuffPo article was written by "Travis Irvine - Comedian, journalist, filmmaker, doofus". Need more be said on the qualifications of the source?

I'm not a big Hillary fan. But she is the only candidate left capable of bringing together enough interest groups to effectively govern this country. This includes moderate Republicans unhappy with Trump and his unhinged supporters and with the ungovernable conservative wing of the party.

Plus, almost all the demographics and all the polls show Hillary with a clear path to the Presidency. The Republican Party should worry more about saving the Senate and protecting the House than wasting resources on a Trump candidacy doomed to failure.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to believe Mrs. Clinton has mental health issues and is appearing less and less on the campaign trail. More and more of her campaigning is being done by surrogates. As evidenced in West Virginia and elsewhere when she's forced to "go off script" it's a disaster, witness her remarks on coal and coal minors. She then compounds the problem by not remembering what she said previously by denying earlier statements even when presented with videos that confirm. Almost always, she only appears before small groups consisting of carefully selected supporters. Often the press is not allowed to attend. Her press opportunities are very limited and almost always involve a supporter doing the interview.

Anonymous said...

Finally we might be seeing the dying embers of two of the nastiest most vile individuals that have destroyed thousands of lives.

Where does one wish to start?

Anonymous said...

I miss the 90's. Life was good then for everyone.
12:03, I'm not sure who you're relating to, Bush and Cheney? Thousands and thousands of lives have been ruined since those two criminals were appointed in 2000.

Anonymous said...

7:56 PM, I take it you didn't have anything in your 401k in the 90's during Clinton's .com bust? And you don't remember all the terrorism we ignored? How about unemployment peaking at 9%, which happens to be the average mortgage rate for the 90's too.

Anonymous said...

NY21, I was impressed with your hypocrisy about a comic having an opinion. Doesn't your party have a Sen from Minnesota whose primary claim to fame is making funny faces on SNL? But I'll bet you are fine with that. When it comes to dishonesty and inconsistency, you are in the top three.

Max Volume said...

From a friend in Arkansas:

The Clinton's had basically wore-out their welcome in Arkansas and had to pretty-much leave. So they got a P.O. Box in New York and claimed to live there. When confronted with this issue, they quickly bought a house in NY to be 'legal.'

The "sheeple" (read:voters) fell for that hook, line and sinker and the rest is history.

Arkansas basically flushed the toilet, and it backed-up into New York.


ray lear said...

The Super Packs should be stopped. She stepped down last time so our savor could win. Now they use the packs to fill the promise they made to her.

Anonymous said...

@8:33 AM
Great comment and information Thanks

@ Max Volume
Liked the story. Exactly , Arkansas flushed and we got the back up here in NY.

@7:53 AM

Just as a reminder Hellary voted for Bush's invasion of Iraq in 2003
and her husband is responsible for the Balkan War in 1996 and the sanctions to Iraq , which is estimated that it killed 200.000 to 500.000 Iraqi children, but who cares says Albright his foreign secretary.Also during there where a lot bombings of Iraq during his time as President.
Most important ,he set the financial crisis of 2008 and derivative crisis in Motion with his financial modernization Act of 1999.
the Clintons as always the agents of the big banks and cooperations.