Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hot Day

   Things are slow here in town as perfect summer weather has settled in for the holiday weekend. Temperatures soared to near 90 todbacay leaving the City empty as residents sought relief elsewhere.
    Really not much to write about either.  Budget is settled, FD dispute on back burner again, local politics pretty moribund, just not much happening.
      So bored I watched about 8 hours of the Dating Naked Marathon.  Hard to believe people do that. And there is a season premier coming next month, so I guess more people are willing to share their ink and possibly be humiliated.
     But if something comes along , let me know and we will opine profusely.


Anonymous said...

So you question the morality of it at 10:44, then watch an 8 hour marathon? Shocking, not.

Anonymous said...

Mayor, not much news? surprised you haven't commented about the clowns up in Cape Vincent. They can't seem to stop embarrassing themselves. The town board just announced their going to set up a committee to look into fair and equal pricing for all their different water districts, plus they discovered they're charging less to hook up to town water in one of the districts so they have to change that immediately. Meanwhile they're still letting Darrel Aubertine sell water illegally out in one of the ag districts. Talk about hypocrisy!! Heard a house sale out in that area even fell through 'cause of the water fiasco. Maybe they'll appoint Darrell's sister as chairman of this committee.

You should pass this on to Jay Donovan, it would make a good topic for him and his lecher pal Civic Charlie (Al Wood) to discuss