Saturday, May 14, 2016

Getting Ready for More Progressivism in NY

   What's coming next ? If schools are being leaned on over transgender bathrooms, will other businesses be next. Will we be getting cease and desist orders from AG Schneiderman ?
    Our bathrooms are only used by people of legal age and we don't have showers so I don't think the issues are large, but I have ordered the necessary signage to be in compliance, because we are in NY.
      A local restaurant where I often have lunch has long had a third restroom, a single person one with a locking door. I've even used it a couple times when there was a line at the bathroom that conforms to my birth certificate. I don't think the third bathroom will pass muster as it stigmatizes people
     Once in a while you will see a hetero couple attempting to go in the bathroom together, and we quickly intercede. 
      The other issue is whether a pre-op female-to-male is made to feel uncomfortable by the presence of urinals. That will have to be considered as will people going the other way will be made to feel diminished by hygiene product dispensers they have no use for.
     Lot of issues and subtexts here folks.


ray lear said...

Once when you had one of the big debates going on at the Pub I had to use the little boy's room. I was standing at the wall unit, and heard someone walk in. It was one of the ladies. She said hello, went into the stall, and nothing more was said. Nothing was seen. We both were happy. I can't really see the problem. She must have been sick of waiting to use the other set up. Don't really know. As long as it's handled like that, who cares? That is for adults. Schools, I can see where teen girls would not really want a guy walking in. The guys, they I am sure, could care less. Our President has lost touch with the people, or at least teen girls. I can not believe he is all set for teen guys to walk in on his children. It's not any worry of Chester the molester. It's just girls have their things, and we guys have ours. I think it's pandering to the feel good, tree hugging, butt holes we have always had to deal with. It would be like me going to the White House to use his bathroom, because I feel it fits my needs. I bet I don't get the chance.

Anonymous said...

It is a sin against God, that included the word "progressivism" in the title for this blog entry.
This policy, like most of modern libtardism policies, is more aptly described as "destructionism".