Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Funiciello Hopes To Shed "Spoiler" Role In Latest Congressional Race | WWNY

      Our local press is proving they are still well marinated in the two party system that likes to suggest anyone not of their ilk is a "spoiler".  Years ago they wouldn't even interview someone outside the established camps, so I guess it's progress.

     Matt Funiciello brought a lot to the race last time and is hardly to be called a "spoiler".

Funiciello Hopes To Shed "Spoiler" Role In Latest Congressional Race | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Your right. The third guy definitely is not a spoiler when the winner gets 55% of the vote...way more than Owens received even against third party almost-winner Hoffman. Instead the commie baker serves more of the function of rubbing rub the donkey's guys nose in it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Green Baker, you stay in the race. Thought I heard you say previously the Democrats are using another bad placecard holder that is worse than the Woolfman.

This will help the GOP across the district for all the sheriff, town supervisors, clerk races, highway dept.

Anonymous said...

The general public is too stupid to recognize that a candidate like Funiciello represents our best chance at smart, and fair government. He is the real deal, but cannot break through the two party system that continues to provide us with hackneyed politicians that turn into corrupt officials.

Anonymous said...

At least the Green Baker has something to say, as opposed to recitation of carefully composed GOP script. If he can force the race to debate real issues that is an accomplishment.

Serious question, has Mike Derrick started a campaign yet?

Anonymous said...

8:18 Who is Mike Derrick?

Anonymous said...

Someone who wants to win, do the job, and could easily, is not a spoiler. Wolfe was a spoiler, for him. If it would have been the Green against the Red, might have been a bit different.

Anonymous said...

Can the Green admit he is a crazier progressive than Bernie. The greens are about far left as Marxist Leaning as you can get.

Funi, pay for your own health insurance, I don't want to be hit with you or your employees making a trip to the hospital since you have no coverage.

Today our Democrat Socialist Presidente decreed that he is now going to be telling you how you are going to be mandated to pay your employees time and half anyone working over 40 hours. Any
managerial position or management designation for your employees in your little bakery shop will now go squeal to the NYS Labor Board and inform them you probably have been robbing your employees blind all these years.

Go ahead make our day, what a commie.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the Dems. that is calling him a spoiler? I would think that that the Democratic candidate and chairs have to be worried about the "Spoiler" making inroads into their scare and dwindling numbers.

I don't think MOC Elyse Stefanic has anything to worry about, the people love her up here. The Education peeps love her, although they do have to tow the line in public but they will be filling in the bubble in the booth for her because of her support in working both with higher ed, supers, and educators. I have had several individuals say the same thing.

7:42 Fair government.....you sound just like the imposter in the WH.

Anonymous said...

@7;42 am and @18:08 AM

Agree with your comments .
This to party system needs to change. It is taken over by big banks and international cooperation's on both side of the isle.
Mr. Funicello is a very worthy candidate. He is very knowledgeable and articulate and has experience as a businessman a local guy and he would really work for NY 21 and not for big interests even against the peoples interests of NY 21, like Stefanik did. Just remember the dark act or read the Letter to the editor on 18.May 2016 in the WDT.

It also shows no knowledge of green party stands or communism to call him a communist as a person here in this threat did. But some people her on the blog have no idea about the differences and is like the boogie man for them. LOL.

Unfortunately people here will elect Stefanik again, as they have no idea about the lobbyists and outside interests she is supported and financed and that she uses NY 21 for her political career , a typical politician from the start. not much real live experience.
Heck some people will elect her because she is a young and nice looking women, who cares about her agenda lol.

And we can guess how Mike Derrick the Dems candidate will vote for
Fort Drum and the military complex.