Sunday, May 1, 2016

Funeral directors feeling the pain of opioid crisis - - The Buffalo News

    The Buffalo News did a story we talked about on the HOTLINE recently and that is the insight I got into the opioid crisis by talking to a funeral director who was able to relate to me the changes causes of death he sees in his business.
     It's a story worth telling because its real and not just the decades long rhetoric of those with a stake in the war on drugs.
     Funeral directors feeling the pain of opioid crisis - City & Region - The Buffalo News


Anonymous said...

Hey, there's no jobs for the kids, no future, $19trillion dollar debt that they will have to pay. The guys are the root cause of all evil in the world, good only for prison or "maintenance" payments. Glooobal warming. Have some fun and check out early.

What? said...

Work? One of the guys in our garage lost his relative (guy in his twenties with a good job) Friday mourning to an overdose! Stop blaming the economy, government, and much more. It's you, it's me, and many more who know drugvdealers sell the crap next door. We turn away. We're we need to drag them out and turn them over to the police! Demand an arrest! Stop it!

Anonymous said...

The 'War On Drugs' is not/has not/will not EVER work.

Love the 'there are no jobs for the kids comment'. Oh, and those maintenance programs, like 'Suboxone'. (Which is really only supposed to be used for 30-DAYS MAX, well, that was the intended use) Anyhoo. Coming off suboxone is 100x worse than heroin. Google some stories. I know two people who are on this shit. One for 7 years. One for 8 years. They can't get it anymore because the one doctor in Syracuse got busted, and the next doctor cut them off. So they are both shooting up again. Great system. Let me be clear. People have issues, and 'addictions'. But these two were clean, except for some 'Mary Jane'. Come to find out, that shit for 'maintenance' is worse. The half-life of suboxone is like 4x that of heroin. It's not a fix, it's prolonging the BS. Turning people over to the police because you 'suspect' something? you better be sure pal. Not my problem. People make choices, live with them...or know what.

Anonymous said...

I had a professor from SUNY Potsdam once tell our class that it's all about "survival of the fittest". The weak die and the strong survive! Perhaps there's some truth to that.

Anonymous said...

That fentanyl is good stuff. I had some in the hospital and loved it. But I was not raised to be a selfish, self centered weak generation cupcake, so I didn't seek out more of it when I got out.

We need to double down on the war on drugs. We have been just giving up. Look at the way we treat the gateway drug. In this weekend's police blotter we have multiple arrests for drinking and driving but the people caught with pot were given appearance tickets and let go. Shameful. There is no war on drugs and that is the problem. Instead there is a movement going on more aptly called "excuse for drugs".