Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fort Drum Names Courtroom After Watertown Man At Nuremburg Trials | WWNY

     A Watertown man who helped chronicle some of history's greatest crimes has been honored at Fort Drum. A courtroom has been named after Henry Cumoletti, the City native who worked as a court reporter at the Nuremberg Trials.

     It's a honor well deserved and I remember meeting Mr. Cumoletti some years back and was fascinated to hear his front row account of history.

Fort Drum Names Courtroom After Watertown Man At Nuremburg Trials | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Im amazed when talking these trials and justice done over the years but to date no action yet taken on the Isreals, Saudis those in our own government involved in the 911 attacks that took over three thousand lives.
We have a x-president and v-president and a few others that committed treason and need to be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

2 American presidents were named after something private my wife has... Bush.

Anonymous said...

But 9:18,

Didn't you know that treason is no longer considered a crime amongst politicians? Normal people can still be charged with treason, but not those of the political elite.

Good gray man, however righteous the idea might be, we can't be having 98% of the goobermint in front of a firing squad now, can we? Besides, just HOW would we survive without Big Brother's arm around our shoulder guiding the way?????
(with his other hand in our back pocket, of course)