Monday, May 30, 2016

Former Pageant Reporter Still Follows What Happens

   A Watertown woman won third runner up in the Miss NY Pageant, once held in Watertown, but now firmly planted on Staten Island.
    Kristina Blackstock,  Miss Thousand Islands, finished behind the pageant winner and new Miss NY, Michelle Sims of New York City.
Kristina Blackstone (Photo: Miss TI Website)
    These things don't get much coverage up here even though we are still part of New York State and the winner is our representative in Atlantic City.
     A lot of serious journalists don't like to cover pageants as they think they are out of step with their progressive views towards women.
Sue and Gary Pilon of Watertown Among Those Active in Pageant World
(Pictured with Kristina)
     However, these are fun events and there are many serious and dedicated pageant people locally including Allison Carlos of Watertown who competed for her final time.
     I know the Pilons are very active as well as is their food critic daughter Hungry Shelby
      There are still a lot of local angles possible in the coverage. I remember covering them back in the early 80s. They had a swimsuit photo op at the Ramada and I had been asked to get some tape of Miss Syracuse for one of the stations there. Little did I know Vanessa Williams would be such a big deal.
      Reminds me of the time Plumpton and I interviewed Seinfeld at the Golden Lion on Arsenal Street. Thought he was funny but had no idea. Wish we still had the film.


Anonymous said...

Gary Pilon has always been a young man worthy of respect.

Anonymous said...

Yes as a person whose worked for Gary he always had the respect of his co-workers and it was always returned....

Anonymous said...

2:12, we are in complete agreement. Nice guy he is.