Sunday, May 1, 2016

Down to the Wire in Indiana

     Polls are all over the map in Hoosier land but one possibly effective line being used by Cruz-Fiorina is portraying Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as part of the same ticket and as members of the establishment unwilling to effect change.
      Ms. Fiorina is appearing in TV spots in a bid to change the face of the Cruz campaign.  The candidates are back in Indiana today.

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Anonymous said...

Now I wish I voted for Cruz instead of Kasich. I voted Kasich mainly because I didn't want the NSA to know I voted for Trump. but also, because although I would prefer Cruz, I knew he couldn't win in NY and the only way for him to win in the long run was to let Kasich get more than he would otherwise get.

Do you think Cruz picked "that face" for VP, in order to make his own face look better by comparison? I saw one clever comment months ago about her wanting to take my dalmatians.

Anywho...the reason that Cruz is doing better, is because the media hasn't been making as many baseless attacks on Trump as of lately. Even you admit that some of your support for Trump is born out of the unfair attacks on him. For me, all of my support for him was caused by that. Well, that and the fact that he is winning.