Saturday, May 21, 2016

Derrick criticizes Trump defense policy | Local |

     The Colonel wants to run against The Donald....Democrat Michael Derrick is out trying to make his opponent for Congress defend Donald Trump's foreign policy pronouncements.
      Problem is Rep. Elise Stefanik is not Mr. Trump any more than the Colonel isn't Bernie Sanders, who swept his native Clinton County in the primary.
       Mr. Derrick says Trumpism could result in a war with China.
       Members of Congress don't prosecute foreign policy. They represent their district and Ms. Stefanik has done a fine job and will be rewarded with a second term.
Derrick criticizes Trump defense policy | Local |


Anonymous said...

I dont think Derrick is a factor yet.. I wont vote for him but its between the Green canidate and Stefanik. She lost my vote based only on her lack of endorsement for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Duh Dannies said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. He was supposed to start a war with the evil empire, which people like Derrick get wet panties about. The opposite occurred. We had the peace dividend that Hill's raping husband benefitted from, as it were.

Anonymous said...

Yup, negotiating a fair deal with China will start a war with them. We should just continence rolling over to them and letting all our jobs go there and all the stuff in Walmart to say "made in china".

You have to ask yourself, is this guy for real or was he planted by the republican establishment to ensure Stefanik would win by more than she was already guaranteed to win by? Is this a form of resume padding? Where instead of bragging that she wins by 65% she can brag she wins by 80%???

Oh well, I guess it will help her in her next promotion.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Mike Derrick presents a rather self-serving analysis here, about Mr. Trumps foreign policy statements, via-a-vies, his assessment of Mr. Trump's policy statements on China. Mr. Trump feels a 500 million dollar trade deficit with China, undermines the American economy to such an extent, that America's ability to support its Military Industrial complex & economy as a whole is in jeopardy.

Mr. Trump is correct in his assessment & Mr. Derrick looks uninformed here. Mr. Derrick needs to really give an honest assessment of Mr. Trump's views on both China's economic and military capability as it relates to America.

Mr. Trump was also the 1st Presidential Candidate to point out that surgical strikes with smaller ground force footprints in a problem area would work. Trump suggested strategically seizing oil fields and disrupting ISIS's ability to earn billions of dollars was a good start in containing ISIS. Again Mr. Trump was correct.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike"


Anonymous said...

Derrick needs to embrace Trump to beat Stefanik.

Anonymous said...

Poor Waldo Derrick is toast. Feel for the schmuck, being a placecard and being used by the libtards. He must feel like Bernie Sanders being thrown under the bus by his own party.

Anyone noticing yet each and every week the progressive rag Post Star puts in a call to this clown and prints his utterances to the libtard Glens Falls populace.

The guy so reminds me of what we saw of Bill Owens, a big fat MIA for the district and out of touch.

11:32 You bet your a## she will be elected and by a bigger margin, I'm betting it will be by 70%. She is absolutely kicking a## down there.