Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dead heat: Trump, Clinton tied in 3 swing-state polls - POLITICO

     Put among the things not to believe in the media is talk of a "third party" run. The filing deadline for Texas passed yesterday. That's the nation's second largest state. Other states have passed or will soon and filing requirements are difficult.
    The minor parties with ballot status like the Greens and Libertarians are an option but will have their candidates. This mouthy GOP Senator from Nebraska gets his test today. If Cruz wins the primary, then I will listen to him more.
     West Virginia also votes today and that should be a test of Hillary Clinton's coal war as she won the state eight years ago.
      Meanwhile, the talking heads are humming and the pollsters are polling, and the conventional wisdom is flowing like s--- through a goose.
Dead heat: Trump, Clinton tied in 3 swing-state polls - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

A typical goose craps every 17 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Many are thinking that Hillary back in the WH and her perv of a husband is too much to swallow or contemplate. Better to accept the devil that we don't know. Can't imagine that shriveled white old man with his cigars having any room with tables in the WH in the East Wing sexually preying and harassing those poor naive young interns.

This is why they are tied.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that, 11:50.

The race hasn't even started yet.

Anonymous said...

True Dems. and Reps. don't believe in the third party anyway. Anymore than they believe in Dinos. The Earth was formed in seven days. Everyone knows it.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Hillary Clinton herself when trying to explain away Bernie Sanders polling numbers, which are continually better against Trump than herself own said, " The polling numbers mean nothing, until the General election nominees are polled face to face.

New Quinnipiac Polling numbers are calling Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are currently a dead heat.

Let's get real, Mr. Trump is going to take Hillary Clinton apart, once the General election starts!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'