Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cuomo Pledges Review

   Governor Cuomo has ordered a review of economic development programs now being probed by the US Attorney. This includes the so called "Buffalo Billion" and other projects. A key Cuomo associate is at the heart of the look-see by Preet Bharara.
     Putting together deals that wouldn't happen otherwise comes with a cost and well connected developers are well connected for a reason. They work at it.  
     Those surprised at these relationships may be surprised to find gambling in a casino.


Anonymous said...

Freestuff money is given away and the decision on who to give it to is left in the hands of a few people hand picked by Cuomo and it ends up being corrupt. Only the Amazing Kreskin have predicted this. certainly not predictable by a Bernie freestuff voter. This is highly unusual for big government to do things like this when you give them the power to do it...[wink wink nod nod]. sure, maybe Bernie's wife was corrupt as a college president, but that's just her. The rest of govenrment should be just fine as long as we elect angels like Bernie to run it.

Anonymous said...

I say we elect the pants suited criminal. You know she has no corruption in her background.

Anonymous said...

We have investigated ourselves and found no wrong doing