Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Council Sails Through Tax Cap

    City Council voted four to one to bust through the tax cap in a year when a sales tax increase is making an extra million dollars available. Councilman Mark Walczyk voted no as he works for Senator Patty Ritchie who had helped create the cap at the state level.
    For weeks the paper has been reporting Council was vowing to stay within the cap and I was surprised they didn't make the gesture at protecting the taxpayers in a year when a fight with the fire union is making news.
     Speaking of that, Councilman Steve Jennings said last night firefighters only spend one percent of their working hours fighting fires.
      Another route could have been to live up to the positions reported in the Times and just tell staff to bring them a budget within the cap by June 1 and if that means less fund balance or some real cuts, so be it.


Anonymous said...

Only 1% to Mr. Jennings is a cloud he is pushing over the city that a fire department is NOT needed. How many thousands of dollars in tax base has the 1% he calls it, saved the city on buildings still on the tax roll? How does that factor into his 1%. How many lives have been saved by the emergency medical aspects of the fire department that still keeps citizens and those who spend money in the city alive??? We pay for fire/police and all their services. I dont understand that if they are saving lives any way they can, why we want to cut that.
How crazy is he? What is the percentage that cops actually stop a crime, or beat a drug deal, or collect evidence?? I'm sure those numbers can also be low, but they are NEEDED.
Wake up.

Anonymous said...

And the avg. sackets harbor school teacher makes 57,000, but there are some making upwards of 71,000.
They work how many days? They get how many days during the year off? They take doctor appointments all summer and not on a day they are working? They take how many personal days off when their kids are sick? How about all this Mr. Butler, Jennings, and Macaluso

Facts are facts.. your not the only one living the dream.. Others have issues too and there are ways to fix them without bullying and being a rock for people who protect your constituency as you always refer to.

Behind the curtain, they probably will NOT have your back and keep any public safety they can keep.. they pay for it along with other things they now are taxed higher for and some they have lost.

Anonymous said...

There is no way they spend even close to 1% of their working hours fighting fires. Unless you only count the working hours as the hours they are "actually working".

The reason they passed the tax cap this year is that the tax cap needs to be broken each and every year to keep paying for this bloated fire department...and the arena.

You gotta love when the local lame stream media keep pointing out that certain individuals are not in the fire union, even though they spent most of tier careers in one and benefited from the lucrative one sided contract that is negotiated on behalf of the union. In fact the lucrative management compensation packages in the fire trade is because it has to be in order to outdo the bloated union pay.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Polar Dip Queen realizes Racoons are wild animals, and should be left alone........

Anonymous said...

Hey - make way for more zombies houses. The council is officially the TAX and SPEND Council. Getting to look like all the other villages and towns and school districts in NNY.

They take no responsibility for anything. Studies, lawyers, etc. A private business would have to make choices... not the CoW - get it from the taxpayers... mmm... mmm ... mmm good.

Anonymous said...

The tax cap is 0.97%

Inflation is 1.8%

You do the common core Albany math...

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to bleed the Taxpayers, it's time to sharpen the ax and start swinging it until the budget is in the black. Council needs to do their Job and make any necessary cuts to ward off any tax increases.