Saturday, May 7, 2016

Conservative Cattle Call

   A big crowd of local GOP elected showed at Sergi's this AM to kiss the ring and seek (like who else will they give it to ?) the Conservative Wilson/Pakula and a path to line C on the ballot.
   Senators Patty Ritchie and Betty Little were there as was Assemblyman Mark Butler and a couple folks wanting a 14 year term on Supreme Court.
    Two candidates for Assembly in the 116th showed. As expected John Byrne and Russell Finley were there, although it's a certainty the Hank Ford award will go to the former.
     That would give Mr. Byrne the line unless someone registered in the party circulates or someone files for an OTB (opportunity to ballot). It's all part of the insider game tailored for guessed it...the insiders.


Anonymous said...

Reed was not there?


Anonymous said...

Finley tchanges parties as often
as a up town whore changes
her panties. Let's at least bring
some sense to local elections
this year and not endorse a
local nut job.