Monday, May 2, 2016

Coarse Kid Scolded

     Ted Cruz was right to scold a ten year old who yelled "you suck" at a rally. Where are the parents ?


Anonymous said...

Certainly no CRUZ fan at all, FWIW i think he is a dangerous zealot . BUT He is right on target about those brats .

As a matter of fact Trump is the result you get from poor parenting . Perhaps if he had been parented well , disciplined when necessary and made to fess up for any poor behaviour as a child , he would be a more comlete and emotionally intelligent adult rather than a petulant , self centered model of arrested development . Emotionally Trump is on a par with these spoiled brats , treating people badly , no sense of empathy and certainly ZERO notion of how to be a Servant Leader .

Anonymous said...

6:26 You do know you are describing Hillary too! It goes much deeper with the Beast, why she hates all men. She hated her military father the way he mentally and cruelly abused the mother and her fine upstanding deadbeat brothers.

Billy was her knight with shining armor. Alas, Hilly had no idea how many women he was going to use his armor on.