Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Climax Owes Thousands Of Dollars In Taxes, Unpaid Bills | WWNY

       A business like Climax, with lots of government help, leave 158 without a job and didn't pay it's bills. It's a business ethos some have. I have for 31 years always put paying employees, the government and vendors first even if it is tougher on me. Work more hours, spend less....That's how you survive.
       The initial response to Climax closing was to find a way to give them more. Enough is enough.
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Anonymous said...

Lord knows we don't want to give them any more...that's good money we could be spending on over-staffing the fire department. Or spend it on a new two million dollar court room, because one courtroom to share just ain't enough. Or maybe we could spend it on a new arena with one of those fancy floors poured by special-needs contractors, but billed as if it was done by professionals.

Anonymous said...

The reason your business survives is because you aren't forced to pay union wages. If you don't acknowledge that simple fact then you shouldn't be commenting.

Anonymous said...

11:15, the union wages are the least of the problems when you have to deal with a union. It is the laws that tie your hands that costs you even more. You basically have to keep a full time labor lawyer on the books at all times and give up your ability to manage and call the shots necessary to stay in business.

Just look at the city fire union as an example. If it was just wages the union pushed for, the city would happily oblige. But they want to keep the staffing at 50% more than it should be and they want to switch to 24 hour days so they can sleep at work three days a week and have the other four days off. And the sad ting is that the city has to hire expensive lawyers with expertise in union law, in order to just keep things on an even playing field.

Anonymous said...

What's the going rate for union bartenders 1115? I'm curious.

I do acknowledge the fact that you are quite simple. It shows with your inability to rationalize. Arguing otherwise only proves the point.

Anonymous said...

10:25 - Let me make this perfectly clear. Climax Manufacturing is closed for one reason, and one reason only, because they had a union. They paid union wages and benefits in a time when that concept is virtually dead in our country, except for public service unions.

You can produce the same product offshore, and land it here for 1/3 the price of a union produced product.

Pfft, and grunt, and yell and rant all you want, but that's just the way it is. Every non government union worker in this country is at risk of losing their job due to trade policies, and the ever increasing drive to the bottom for price.

Your girl Hillary will continue to push her Goldman Sachs agenda until it is all too late. You meanwhile have Mini-Mario trying to massage the deck by raising the wages of the most unproductive in the state.
You understand of course that the reason our country has a virtual zero interest rate, is because we are on knifes edge of rolling over. We couldn't even afford a 3% interest payment on the debt we have built up paying for the bloated "public services" we receive.

If you don't have a good nest egg, you are very very screwed in the next 10 years. After that, you better hope they bring back trading in shells and beads.