Thursday, May 26, 2016

Can You Believe These Candidates ?

  Lyin' Ted must be scratching his head.
   The two likely nominees are always being caught in fibs and prevarications. Donald Trump last night told Jimmy Kimmell he did indeed use aliases in press interviews yeas ago after denying it two weeks ago
   Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton was dinged by the State Department IG for repeated dodges, fudges and over the top bad judgment in the report on he E Mails.
    For Trump it's just the left overs from a public and irreverant life.
    For Mrs. Clinton, it's possibly more serious, but for her supporters it doesn't seem to be a problem.
     But the guy who has "lyin" in his moniker is back in the Senate while two of the most untrustworthy candidates ever are center stage for the fall.


hermit thrush said...

For Trump it's just the left overs from a public and irreverant life.

maybe you missed the part where trump tried to beg off from a debate by holding a "fundraiser" for veterans, only to completely renege on his pledge of $1 million (which, given his claimed wealth, is the equivalent of $5 for an average household) until a reporter recently discovered that he never followed through. hillary is far from perfect, and she definitely screwed up with her email server, but she's nowhere near the same league as the donald.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Madonna did call him as his "publicity agent" claimed.
Given her personality, it is exactly what she would have done.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame limklip at all. On a day where his pants suited owner is proven to be lying yet again, he wants to gush about an alleged fundraiser discrepancy. Limklap, you are one fine stooge. Not on the level of our leadership hero, but right up there. Or should I say, down there. Stay where you are. I'm sure someone will order lunch for you if you get tired.

Anonymous said...

4:44 are you off your meds again ? Get dressed , get a job and get a life

Anonymous said...

Trump LIED again and this time to VETS ! The man is a turd with ears !