Monday, May 30, 2016

Bharara to Cuomo investigator: Stay away from Buffalo Billion | New York Post

      Tensions continue between the predator and the prey. US Attorney Preet Bharara is reportedly warning Governor Cuomo to steer clear of the probe into the Buffalo Billion.
      Mr. Cuomo has commissioned his own probe but the lawyer conducting it has been told not to interfere with the federal probe.
      Many New Yorkers are wondering if the Governor will be the third of the three men in a room to go down, while that may in the end be a bridge too far for the ambitious US Attorney.
      To an extent, Mr. Bharara is redefining corruption to be what he says it is and taking out the Governor is not the same as doing in an unpopular Speaker and a Senate boss unknown but to a few in the state.
Bharara to Cuomo investigator: Stay away from Buffalo Billion | New York Post


Anonymous said...

Bharara is not "redefining" criminal activity in any way. We NYers have just become accustomed to such thugism. Silver, Skelos, and now Benito are not so safe with their corruption as they used to be. Our state is full of party line stooges, which makes such behavior possible, even acceptable. And on deck we now have the most corrupt, dishonest pants suit that ever wallowed. And it's just fine. Golfers everywhere still have wet panties over her. It won't end unless we change. It won't. We won't. Party worshippers and faux Americans now control the system. Our kids? Screw them, per se.

Anonymous said...

Down goes, Cuomo.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Tick Tock, Tick Tock -- Cuomo political death watch! Mike Flynn MCM