Sunday, May 8, 2016

Befuddled Men Learn a Lesson in Blue Laws

   It's 10:25 Sunday morning and while I was at the bar watching some talking heads and waiting for noon, a couple of men pulled in the lot.  I knew the drill coming up. As adults they wanted an adult beverage, but I had to explain to them that no, they can't, as it's Sunday and no alcohol till noon unless you buy it up the street at the convenience store.   I did my duty and protected a moral society from the blight of two men having a beer on a Sunday morning.
     It seems silly, but seemingly illogical rules are an important method of social control. Arbitrary rules don't have to be debated or understood. They just are.
      Like NY law that says a female can wed at 14 but a male has to wait to 16.  Or that driving is OK at 16, sex at 17 and cigarettes at 18.
       There are all sorts of contradictions and anomalies in law drafted over generations in response to motivations, emotions and dogma long expired.
       Repeal comes in stages, and blues laws have been on the wane for years. Although the other day someone said to me everything should be closed on Sundays, even restaurants.
      I responded that did he think you shouldn't be able to take Mom out to dinner on Mother's Day ?
      He said he didn't have an answer for that.


ray lear said...

But it would take the fine men away from church.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows mother's day is discriminatory against infertile females.

Anonymous said...

What's sad is anyone that wants liquor at 10:30 any morning.

Anonymous said...

That's what I was thinking 5:47! What sort of loser needs to drink that early? If you start that early, what do you do with the rest of your day. I would think most bar owners would be grateful for the chance to sleep in once a week.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it mayor. As I said on your other post, these idiots (5:47 and 8:09), never had to work an overnight, weekend or a holiday in their lives. So they get to tell everyone else when is the expropriate time to enjoy an adult beverage, based on their narrow life experience. It doesn't occur to their shallow simple minds, that the drink they occasionally have after work, is no different than the drink that a guy wants, who ended his shift Sunday at 6:00AM.

And if it did cross their minds, they wouldn't care. Typical librul, "I got my freedom, I don't care about yours" attitude.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has the same schedule. I used to work the midnight shift and for me 9:00am was like everyone else's 5:00pm.

As the song says, it's five o'clock somewhere!

Also, one persons day of worship may not necessarily be that of another.

Anonymous said...

7:42 , don't get your panties in a bunch. No one is going to take your PBR away. I've worked those shifts, still didn't want a beer at 10:30. Cheers.