Thursday, May 19, 2016

Back When the GOP Stood Behind Their Candidate

      Republicans locally have yet to publicly embrace their presumptive nominee but forty years ago, the local GOP was happy to stand in front of a poster of President and Mrs. Ford who had just prevailed in hotly contested race against Gov. Ronald Reagan.
      In this photo (when black and white was still used routinely) my uncle, Ed Redder is pictured, as I believe he was chair at the time.
Picture Must Have Been Taken Before Labor Day, 1976 as Uncle Ed Would Never
Violate the Rule on White Spats After Labor Day
        This year, there was aversion by local GOP leaders to back Donald Trump although the region is supporting the NYC billionaire.  The elites went with John Kasich for fear of media disapproval.
          1976 was my first Presidential race and I vote absentee for President Ford while attending college in Missouri. Saw VP candidate Bob Dole at a rally out there. I have voted in 10 races for President, never for a winner. So don't blame me.


Anonymous said...

Not likely to break that losing streak this time around Jeff

Anonymous said...

Ford was the establishment choice back in 1976, so why wouldn't the locals publicly back him. Not sure of your reasoning on this one. It's not like Ford was an outlier like the Donald is.