Thursday, May 19, 2016

Are Days Numbered fo the Last of the Blue Laws ?

       Governor Cuomo's Sunday morning booze proposal is billed as helping brunch goers nd fans of soccer game broadcast from London.
       It's really a recognition it's not the job of the state to protect religion's franchise on Sunday mornings. It's a time to do business, period.
       People can decide what they want to do on Sundays as they can the other six days.
       No one says Wal-mart or Bob Evans shouldn't sell certain products on Sunday morning.
       Local lawmakers have said they support the change although the preferred route is too just make Sunday like the other six days and not introduce  cumbersome permit process subject to the whims of bureaucrats


Anonymous said...

I,m not sure people dont tell Walmart not to sell beer on Sunday before noon.. Check into that one for you.

Anonymous said...

7:37, Walmart is offsite consumption so it's 8:00 am for them. Its noon for retailers with onsite consumption licenses.

Max Volume said...

Of course we could always move to Nevada and enjoy these fine perks:

1. Alcohol available 24/7 everywhere
2. No income tax
3. Prostitution is legal
4. Gambling 24/7
5. Great location to "incorporate" your business

Draw-back: Harry Reid