Monday, May 23, 2016

Analysis: City Would Spend $900,000+ To Hold Line On Taxes | WWNY

       It took this long to figure this out ? How could you not know an eleven percent levy increase on an eight million and change levy produces a figure in the 900s.  You appropriate fund balance for the purpose of balancing the budget for enactment and then, as in every year keep spending within parameters so most of the fund balance is not spent.
      Government and the media (who either don't understand math or don't want to do the math) make all this budget dance into a hocus pocus year after year.
      Dozens of local budgets get enacted every year with no coverage, so it really isn't the rocket science some would have you believe.
      I hope the person who did this "analysis" didn't consider it an epiphany.
      Tonight City Council has a budget session and will consider the Manager's reshuffling of rank in the FD.  They are so apoplectic over a layoff, it will not get adopted and frankly, when they say two layoffs we know pending retirements would  make those very brief if they happened at all.
       Those with a sense of history remember when Mayor Walker took a scythe to the budget 26 years ago and really did get rid of some people.
Analysis: City Would Spend $900,000+ To Hold Line On Taxes | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

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Anonymous said...

When Walker did did it, he did in in conjunction with selling the city's electric department, so all those people he supposedly "cut" were actually hired by Niagara Mohawk.