Thursday, May 12, 2016

WDT: A Lot of Spirit But So Far No Spirits at Tony Spot on the River

    I haven't followed it that closely, but this gin mill (distillery) in the Town of Clayton has certainly been a lawyer full employment program and a lot of fuss for what sounds like a boutique business on the River by the owners of Watertown's Tilted Kilt.
      Breweries have given way to distilleries as the hobbie for people who have everything. But as Big Wind found out, building anything in that neck of the woods is as vexing as a McDonald's on a busy street.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the tilted owners, but I don't think the other boutique distillers in this area "have everything" or even close to it. I see the Huge guy is raffling off a week vacation at his Jamaican home, including transportation on his private jet, which I understand is larger than his last private jet. Now THAT guy has everything.

Anonymous said...

But............But...................NY is open for business. Doesn't everyone know that?

Anonymous said...

they bought it as residential put a lot of $ in and then expected to have their zoning changed. don't sound too smart to me.