Monday, May 30, 2016

A Long Career and Record Provides Treasure Trove for Opposition Researcers and Clinton Surrogates

     Using the loopholes as a money grab or doing business in the world provided ?
      Career NYC pol, Rep. Jerry Nadler who has long fed at the Democratic trough, is telling the NY Times about his belated outrage over Donald Trump receiving a grant 15 years ago to help business owners with properties impacted by the 9/11 attacks.
       Mr. Nadler says the $150K is an exploitation of loopholes and a two fisted money grab at the expense of smaller businesses.
      Mr. Trump says he did a lot for the tenants of his building at the time.
      A businessman who has been successful will have had his setbacks, controversies, disgruntled customers and will have availed himself of tax "loopholes" and government programs.
      Tell me something he has done bad lately and not a 15 year old grant or a long ago interview on the Stern show.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nadler didnt speak of people directely responsible for the attacks and those that profited from it like W Bush and Cheny along with Larry Silverstein and many many others.
He didnt speak of the long wars in Iraq and Afghanastan that our officals and many americans profited from. You know I mean the Oil Bushes and Bin Ladens, the rebuilding Haleburton, Or the Poppy fields held by our troops until big Pharma got their hands on all the opiom they needed to give America its next great addiction.
Did Mr Nadler speak of how he profited from this.

Anonymous said...

Mr. 7:40 and you are registered in what party?