Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's In a Name ?

       City Hall says five businesses have expressed interest in naming rights for the Fairgrounds Arena.  The list is thought to include at least one soda company.  A car dealer has also expressed interest.
       As yet, there is no process for soliciting or choosing.  While officials are said to hope for up to $50K a year for the privilege, that's ambitious in this market and there's festering over putting a sign on the building with the City's lawyer now opining the City must adhere to its own restrictive sign ordinance.  At some point in the past I recall the assertion a city is exemptfon from it's own ordinances, but sometmes my memory isn't what it used to be.
       There are ways to monetize city facilities but a bid process on the Arena will be interesting. Let's just say that, interesting.


Anonymous said...

Watertown''s Tirene Arena.Yea!

Anonymous said...

COW Money Pit

Anonymous said...

This will be interesting. I don't know what the market would be for the naming rights, but I do recall that sponsors were shelling out big bucks for the DPAO sponsorhsip. So given that, it begs the question: were those businesses buying valuable image advertising at the market rate, or were they overpaying out of a sense of philanthropy?

And this raises another question: is the city is trying to fleece the DPAO out of the goodwill/image they bring to the arena events they sponsor?

If Coke buys the naming rights to the arena, would Pepsi then opt out of sponsoring the DPAO, leaving DPAO at the dance with fewer suitors? Would the media oblige naming rights? And advertise the DPAO/Pepsi concert at the coke arena? Or would they recognize the commercial portion of an advertisement separately from the charity portion, and black out the commercial portion, if the DPAO did not offer to pay the market rate?

Anonymous said...

I would name this arena for yu sir for all the years of dedication.. Lockwood arena in Ogdensburg was named for Richard Lockwood one of the greates mayors ever in Ogdensburg or any area.. Bill Nelson learned a lot from Dick by serving on Dicks councils .It even showed from time to time...
The arena Ice was named for Jimmy Howard and that (not taking any shot at Mr Howard( was not thought out well.. Nick Vaugh pushed to the name due to his three seconds of touching the Stanley cup... Nick never thought much out on his four years on council. I remember when Doheny fired him also