Sunday, April 3, 2016

WDT:Ogdensburg strikes out again in bid to find kitchen vendor for Dobisky

   The private sector looks at opportunities, studies the numbers, the risk and the potential for reward and then makes a decision. So it was in Ogdensburg where the city can't find a taker for the food sales at their visitors center. Sound familiar ?
Photo: City of Ogdensburg

     If it's marginal or unattractive to the city why would anyone bite who doesn't have built in management oversight and has to worry about turning a profit.....Opportunity cost is really it. Is it worth it to take time and resources from a successful business to prop up a break even or possibly losing operation.

     Every business person who has at some time tried to expand beyond their core operation knows the dangers.

      Government runs those things that for various reasons can't or shouldn't function privately. In this case the Maple City seems to experienced the same thing found in the Garland City.

       Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg strikes out again in bid to find kitchen vendor for Dobisky


Anonymous said...

Mr. Curotelo wants answers so let me say this from my veiw..
When this started with this building a longtime city family in business at that time offered to run the concession and furnish the equipment from their own business.. Nope the city wouldnt have any of this. The city bought about $25,000 worth of equipment and said no to the Rehling family. Why?? Because the family was embroiled in controversy with the city manager and mayor (Nelson) at that time over the removal of their old business. Then the city finally got a party intrested and came to an agreement with them to run it. Fairly sucessful first year. The operators then decided to have a thank you patrons pig roast in the park next to the building. They placed the tables in the park on that day and started their event only to have the city swoop in and take the tables for another event the city planned . The owners got very upset and tempers short so the city and their regulators shut down the event in the park and had the owners arrested for harrassment and other minor charges. The next year these people wernt interested..
The next year brought about another offer to run it and the city again opened their consessionary only to find out the operator was trying to serve alchol. They tried to help out with the liquor liscence but again things got complicated with council and the mayor (Nelson) So another failed attempt..
All of this was done with a local newspaper reporter , writing about all of the good things and how wonderful it was to live in Ogdensburg and whos -ss can I kiss today.. That reporter was hired some time after that and is name is the same as the head of the department that is responsible for that concession.. Hmmmmmmmmm Guess who.
For that reason I think an answer may be found.. Another reason seems to lay with the fact Ogdensburg has a history of not supporting any new business retail or wholesale....

Anonymous said...

LOL...what you conveniently ignore, is that putting a legal notice in the newspaper is not an effective or efficient way to facilitate a market place. The only reason legal notice works for construction bidding, is because of things like the builders exchange, and even in the case of construction, there is usually very few bidders.

If it was Obamphones or free child health plus services, the government would put advertising out there and contact potential clients directly, talk with them and encourage them to apply. But when bidding something out like this, they purposely make it difficult. The same thing happens when they auction off properties and the buyers are limited to the ones that show up that morning with the cash and make a decision in five seconds by raising their hand.

I wonder if you would put that soda contract for your bar, out to bid using the legal notices and only accept written proposals meeting your strict conditions?

Anonymous said...

1003.. Your second paragraph is incorrect. It should read the truth, It was the
Regan/Bush W phones . It was Regan who started the phones and George W who included Cell phones.. Tell the Truth and you could get a point across better.