Tuesday, April 19, 2016

WDT: Upstate Should Not Lose the Franchise in Primaries

          North Country voters are weighing in but as you watched TV this morning the coverage at polling places in NYC and Erie County was ironic.  Polls in the Metro area and in the Buffalo area open at 6AM. The rest of the state is Noon to 9PM.
          So what, you say ? Well the longer, more convenient hours encourage turnout and amplify the political power of those areas in any statewide primaries. (In the general, they are all the same.)
          For all the griping upstate pols do about downstate influence, you'd think this would matter....If it were the other way around, the Justice Department would have this state in court pronto. 14th Amendment I think, but you can correct me if wrong.
         Just to anticipate the counter...But it saves us money.....Well, money spent on democracy is money well spent and if it's worth holding an election for all of NY, it's worth affording the franchise equally.
Watertown Daily Times | With polls busy on primary day, north country voters voice opinions on candidates


Anonymous said...

Shorter hours means more democrats can vote than republicans, because they don't have jobs and can vote anytime they get up and finally get dressed.

Anonymous said...

B.S. Jeff.

What percentage of registered voters come out as it is? People love to bitch, but in the end sit on their asses and watch Netflix.
Let's not waste anymore of our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 7:40. I voted today and it took less than ten minutes. It is a non issue. No one is being disenfranchised. If you want to vote, vote.

Anonymous said...

You are right mayor. The dimwit commenters above just don't get it. Its the same thing that democrats fight voter ID laws for. (Well that,and because it makes it harder for them to cheat).

This smaller voting window has the effect of depressing the voter turnout. There is no way it could not. Many people intend to file their taxes on the last day, but then the unexpected happens and they miss the deadline and have to file late.

Anonymous said...

Trump said vote for him or stay home.

I stayed HOME.

Going to be a Democrat for sure.